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451 Degrees organized in 2006 as a social media and marketing services agency focused on developing strategies, solutions and video content centered around the Internet as it related to media company agendas. Our access to nightlife & entertainment combined with our experience in content production provided a valuable proving grounds to uncover what consumer engagement in the social media experiment was truly all about.

Our conclusion; consumers of content want a voice and they want to engage not only with the content they were consuming but also with those that are creating it. We feel that this need for engagement fell directly in line with the evolution of the new world wide web, Web 3.0, and was driven by consistent action AND reaction. With validated information and analysis based on our projects we were confident in shifting our focus from a social media & marketing agency to a technology services company providing software solutions that focus on the analysis and monetization of user generated content.

For a very long time “crowd noise” or comments were labeled “junk” and useless. Now these sound bites are proving to be very valuable and yet they are hard to manage and comprehend due to the shear volume and unpredictability.

Graffiti, a our new SaaS application, provides our customers an Internet based tool to leverage and manage publisher content, converting consumer comments, conversations and trends into valuable data as they happen in REAL TIME. Graffiti drives increased content discovery across the web and provides a concise, valuable and tangible meaning to consumer generated commentary aimed at optimizing content SEO, enhancing consumer engagement and creating revenue generating opportunities.

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Patrick Giblin
Founder & CEO

John Baker
Strategy & Development

James Guerra
Business Development

Brendan Shean
Lead Product Engineer

Doug Hosey
Business Development

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