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We want our customers and strategic partners to gain a basic understanding of how our SaaS application Graffiti might work for their business and although we prefer to show you how it works (Contact Us For A Demo) here is a quick summary to get you started.

Graffiti’s patented technology analyzes consumer comments attached to all types of content such as Video, Articles, Images and Music files. Graffiti populates the most frequently mentioned words and uploads them as new and relevant keywords into your content metadata helping to streamline and optimize content discovery and SEO management across the web. This is done AUTOMATICALLY and in REAL TIME – reducing the strain on human capital while increasing consumer experience and engagement.

Today’s web, Web 3.0, is all about consumer engagement and now more than ever, consumers are consistently and actively engaging with online content and those that produce it. Graffiti provides our customers a web based software platform necessary to efficiently monitor and leverage the 100’s or 1,000’s of comments left by consumers on commenting platforms. Graffiti automatically cranks out valuable information to enhance your content SEO in addition to providing our customers the opportunity to evaluate their consumer and business at a granular level.

Graffiti is smart, really, smart. Graffiti harnesses powerful technology to create real actionable value by leveraging machine learning, artificial intelligence and latent semantic techniques. We understand that today’s consumer is savvy and our customers will need to keep up with their changing tastes and trends in content. Graffiti is a scalable and customizable solution that can help you achieve the goals you set for your business and consumer.

  • Improve content SEO on Video, Articles, Images and Music Files
  • Convert consumer commentary into valuable data and site analytics
  • Enhance user engagement and consumer interaction
  • Generate opportunities for additional revenues
  • Establish business controls to achieve internal goals
  • News & Media Publications
  • Online Content Providers
  • Blogs
  • Consumer Brands

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