All three participants in the Video Marketplace; Content Providers, Advertisers and Consumers have pains in the current system. Content Providers want to know more about their viewers, deliver enhanced advertising and create simple search within their sites. Advertisers know there is an audience but want to know the Video they are associated with fits all their marketing needs and does not create tensions. Currently there is too much unidentifiable content on too many channels to properly make it all fit. Viewers want a simple and easy experience that also allows them to have a voice. 451 Degrees has created a product called Graffiti, protected by patented business processes, that without requiring change to the video content solves these issues and generates company revenues through both SaaS and transaction-based fees. Graffiti is the natural evolution of user generated tagging, but applied to the exploding segment of video content. It is nearly impossible to effectively search commercial and user generated video content due to inadequate meta information regarding the content of the video. A significant gap exists between the consumers of the video content and the authors/publishers who control the searchable descriptions of the video. Graffiti is the first video application that will allow consumers to have a direct measured engagement with video being viewed as a mass. This will allow them to “tag” a video with virtually any descriptor they choose as an audience with relevancy given to the information inputted by viewers. This capability will allow video content to transcend the generation of the original author to be further defined by any audiences that are moved by the video. It will become the Independent Video Profiling System across Content Delivery Networks (CDN’s). Making Video more defined as well as searchable across all platforms of traditional search. Graffiti will permit the users to add tags to video regardless of the platform being used to display the video. This includes desktop personal computers, mobile phones and any other device in the future that can leverage the GAPI (Graffiti API) to post video tagging content. The key to Graffiti is allowing others to tag over it and on top of it and again to further define the content in more ways and accuracy through multiple points of view coming together in common, thus creating measurable relevancy. Graffiti will allow any user the ability to interactively add value and validity to pre-existing content and will compliment all current search engines, video aggregators and websites. Graffiti allows video content providers to describe and classify video. Graffiti accomplishes this by collecting comment and tag data, applying a proprietary algorithm to determine the most appropriate video meta-tags and serving these refined meta-tags as a service to any video content provider on any of the classic “three screens” (television, personal computer, or mobile phone/PDA). Video Content Delivery Networks, Advertisers and Consumers of Video will all get an enhanced experience due to the 451 Degrees SaaS offering.

451 Degrees, Inc. offers a number of services focused on a new Global Internet Community. 451 Degrees is providing a web-based community building in conjunction with a truly unique and highly sophisticated interactive multimedia platform. 451 Degrees will capture and facilitate the new wave of online access to Community Web Development via the Drupal Platform, Video Production, Community Marketing Strategies within any current Website. We also combine these efforts by building Smart Phone Applications that accomplish YOUR goals. 451 Degrees will maximize the cutting edge elements of multi-media – Community Web Sites, Internet Video, Cellular and Smart Phone Phone Applications. As well as establishing partnerships and delivering content to the recognized monsters of Media – Television, Print and Radio as they make aggressive moves into Digital Media and Web Content. 451 Degrees is a new company providing high-level expertise in Internet and Media business development, channel development and marketing: • Social Networking, New World Media, Traditional and Electronic Media Buying and Negotiations on our clients behalf. Providing clients with expert and precise Internet and Media Marketing Development in all platforms relevant to them. We do not believe everyone belongs everywhere. • Exposing and capturing the right audiences for our clients needs based upon each application we tap into – Web Community Development, CMS, Video Production, Video Technology, Video Content Profiling via “Graffiti” Software, Social Media Marketing, Traditional Marketing, Mobile Applications, Mobile Advertising Platforms, Smart Phone Application Development, iPhone Application Development, iPad Application Development • Creating a value in directly connecting clients and users offering our clients and partners a more cost effective, direct, and appealing form of Promotion, Advertisement, Marketing and Search Engine Optimization.

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