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Patrick Giblin is the Founder of 451 Degrees. Patrick Giblin has been involved within the Media, technology and Internet sectors since 1992. As a member of the founding team of The, Mr. Giblin was responsible for much of its growth to 72 employees over 4 times zones within three different countries. This property was instrumental in converting an industry change within a $35 Billion a year business. In 2001, Mr. Giblin began to work in the Television sector. While at Fox Television, Giblin was instrumental in negotiating and launching the very first web based viewer rewards program in Television. The traffic for the web site increased exponentially. The program generated $700,000 in added revenue for the station within 9 months. Giblin brought unique segments to the Fox News department, one such program is the FoxConnect segment. Mr. Giblin saw the value in making the public aware of a business sector and development that was not being focused on anywhere else. This relationship returned a 500% profit within the first quarter. It also opened up a fresh vertical market of advertisers and profits to the station and Television medium. The program had no up front costs and the ability to generate up to $100,000 in new annual revenue while gaining a new audience. Patrick Giblin has worked with the following Media properties in varying capacities; CBS, NBC, Fox, UPN, Univision, Telemundo, Cox Media and the 57 Cable Networks they represent on air. During this time Mr. Giblin has come to understand the Television and Advertising industries and is in a prime position to maximize this cross-platform knowledge base and his relationships for the benefit of 451 Degrees.

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