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451 Degrees offers the expertise a high-technology social networking internet company needs to develop new products and continually shifting new market segments. 451 Degrees’ products and services are easily maneuvered to serve such dynamic market demands with little or no transition costs. Competitive Comparison The most significant competition is no advertising at all – companies opting for other forms of advertisement. Currently most companies devote a small portion of their total media marketing budget to online advertising. 451 Degrees key advantage lies within the growth of this media-spending trend. Companies will be spending larger portions of their marketing budgets on internet advertising, Social Media and Marketplaces. Anyone who does not do the same will inevitably see a drop in their marketing response. 451 Degrees plans to take advantage of the increase in internet media spending by consulting clients who are new or would not normally spend as much in internet advertising. Additionally, 451 Degrees will track clients plans to increase exposure within Internet advertising and Social Networks so 451 Degrees can provide them with the most effective and affordable solutions. Large established Internet social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc. These social networks have already created global communities based on a very vague and general identity, which is exactly where their weaknesses reside. 451 Degrees will attract users in search of more identifiable networks by offering strata of interest rather than an abundance of indistinguishable users. 451 Degrees has a very explicit and clearly pronounced identity that will not only attract users but will retain them at minimal cost. Consumers are now living in an interesting era: the process of change from the sales and advertisement based internet business to efficient data supply and elimination of information bottlenecking brings on a tremendous development of e-commerce and mobilization of capital. Since the new internet market brings new economics, new market structures, new industry structures, and new company structures, the profile of the customers has also changed. The customer has evolved from “solution demander” to “value demander,” and from “clients” to “business partners.” 451 Degrees is proactively focused on nurturing and further establishing relationships with multiple digital contents, companies, institutions, individuals, and customers as its prospective business partners. Target Market Segment Strategy Diversify Networks: Content distribution is key. Setting up channels within other web sites will give 451 Degrees a powerful advantage over other Internet Video and community web sites. Develop Contact Spheres: Contact Spheres are businesses that are symbiotic and noncompetitive. Determine what business and which professionals can be included and begin further developing relationships with them. The relationship that is currently in place with 944 Magazine is a perfect example of the success that 451 will continue to capture. 944 and 451 are entering into a Co-ompetion, Cooperating to Compete, against the other elements of Media that may be looking to overcome their market share. It is recognizing these symbiotic relationships that will continue to make 451 a leader in this genre and market segment. SEO: 451 Degrees has been working in Search Engine Optimization since 1996. It is a skill that takes time to understand. It also takes managed expectations for all involved. Our goal is to make sure your budgets are matched and traffic exceeds your expectation. Everyday there are hundreds of websites popping up emulating the likes of You Tube. They simply provide a forum for browsers to post random videos all the while trying to avoid litigation for copyright infringement and gain advertising revenue. In controlling the content 451 Degrees drops into our site it avoids the draining legal costs, outfits clients with exactly the target market they are seeking, and supplies our users with the content they are expecting.

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