Video Production

451 Degrees wants to empower you to use your Videos in many different and effective ways. Your website will not be the only location of your media player and Videos when you work with us. We offer Internet video development to other websites in addition to lending our player and your content to other websites for cross marketing. This builds partnerships and exposure to the 451 Degrees brand within the core of the environment being cultivated. It separates 451 Degrees from other Video Production companies. We are not here to shoot it, produce it can it and forget it. We consider your brand to be a partnership to ours. We want to see effective use of the Video because that leads to benefits for everyone moving forward. We want other properties to take “ownership” of products and use them to their advantage. 451 Degrees’ focus is on Astroturfing from our partners other brands, services and products. It is not how people see you it is IF they are seeing you that matters. 451 Degrees goes to and captures the lifestyle and atmosphere of each location. 451 Degrees then produces an edited piece to be delivered for consideration. Through video application, 451 Degrees delivers an inimitable sense of celebrity, marketing and opportunity to our clients. The applications produced for clients’ use will be created toward their independent objectives. Each commercial piece there after will range in price from $1,000 to $5,000 depending on the length and technical elements required. Our goal is to be budget friendly while giving great quality. 451 Degrees makes certain that budgets and expectations are met to each sides liking.

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